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Scope of Big Bounty Hunting

Bug Bounty hunting is a very lucrative career in the field of hacking.

A bug bounty program allows hackers to receive compensation for reporting vulnerabilities and possible exploits, in organisations' hardware, firmware, and software with the sole aim of preventing black-hat hackers or the likes from exploiting bugs found in their applications.

Rewards range to up to but not limited to thousands of dollars depending on the critical nature of the bug. This is a full time job for those really interested.

Big Bounty Hunting training resources are available online which includes videos. Some websites have courses and allow you hands on hacking practice before attempting Big Bounty.
Most organizations are having bug bounty programs as they have become proactive and predictive in their approach to prevent any major setback in their business due to some vulnerability caused by the slip of the developers of their programs. Having said it, organizations have to be very careful in having bug bounty programs with proper legal assistance or otherwise will end up in a sticky negotiating situation.